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    New Beginnings

    New Contract and New Beginnings

    Carson City, Nevada

    New Beginnings are always a welcome change in my life. Especially after everything we went through with the Coronavirus in New Orleans. I am excited to start our adventure here in Nevada. There are so many outdoor activities here like hiking, swimming holes, water falls, hot air balloons, biking on trails and the list goes on. This is going to be fun and I am looking forward to the new adventures.


    The Hospital

    As I mentioned in my previous post , we are currently on a travel nurse contract in Carson City , Nevada. The hospital has the most scenic views of mountains and absolutely beautiful sunrises. As far as hospitals go it undeniably has the best views I have ever seen from a hospital. When I leave in the morning, the mountains are casting shadows on each other from the sunrise and the air is crisp and cool. It is the highlight of my shift. Not only does that gorgeous sunrise mean my shift is over but, it’s also makes for a nice ride home.

    If you are a travel nurse and would like a great assignment, definitely come here.

    Carson Tahoe Regional Hospital


    Lake Tahoe


    The day after we got here, we absolutely had to go see Lake Tahoe. If you’ve never been here, I highly recommend it as a destination to add to your list. You drive up and through the Sierra Nevada mountains to get there and the drive is visually breathtaking. Lake Tahoe is a very large alpine lake surrounded by majestic, snow capped mountains.

    Sand Harbor Beach at Lake Tahoe


    Lake Tahoe is truly an amazing experience. Warning…the water is cold! After you are in it for awhile it becomes bearable and you can enjoy the refreshing mountain water.

    The beauty in this area of Nevada is very contrasting. In Carson City, it is quite hot with dry air and a brown mountainous landscape that has very little vegetation. But, once you start driving up into the mountains the landscape becomes green with lush vegetation and cooler temperatures. The contrasting landscape existing in the same area is actually quite strange.

    Beautiful but, strange, much like New Beginnings.



    Quote of the Day

    “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” – Lao Tzu


    What’s for Dinner?

    Peg’s Glorified Ham n’ Eggs in Carson City, Nevada

    Chile Relleno and Eggs Skillet at Peg’s Glorified Ham n’ Eggs


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    Fires need fuel to burn. Wood, gas, oxygen… a virus, a murder, an incompetent government. These will also work as fuel. This country is on fire and recent events are the fuel that has fed this fire.

    The last time I wrote in this diary was May 22, 2020. Today is July 31, 2020 and A LOT of things have happened since I last wrote.


    On May 25, 2020 America was violently awakened by the murder of George Floyd which subsequently led to riots, protests and a demand for systemic change in this country and in our government.

    May 28, 2020 the CDC issued a media statement citing America has surpassed ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND coronavirus deaths. One hundred thousand…heartbreaking.

    June 10, 2020 America now has over 2 million cases of coronavirus.

    June 24, 2020 The United States reported 38, 115 new cases of coronavirus setting a record for largest amount of cases reported in a day.

    My home state of Florida is overwhelmed with coronavirus cases. This was inevitable given the governors lack of concern in shutting down the state in the beginning of this mess.

    I could go on giving you dates with grave milestones concerning coronavirus but I think you get the point. THE WORLD is on fire right now.

    To say the country is in a mess is a gross understatement. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, a looming economic recession and people are demanding change from their government through protests and riots.

    At times, all of this seems completely unbelievable- like I am living in a nightmare or in hell. When is it going to end?


    Quote of the Day

    “Beneath the good and the kind and the stupid and the cruel

    There’s a fire that’s just waiting for fuel” – Ani DiFranco

    What’s for Dinner? 

    Chili Verde

    Fuel: Chili Verde




    I start a new contract tomorrow night. Michael and I have taken a contract in Carson City , Nevada. When we left New Orleans in May we went home to Pensacola Florida where we stayed until about a week ago to drive out here. I am excited for the new adventure despite the state of the country.

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