Month: January 2020

Diary Entries

The End Is Coming

Born for Leaving   It’s time for a change which means the end is coming. On our current travel assignment, we are assigned to a Medical Surgical Unit at a hospital in New Orleans Louisiana. This is a 767-bed hospital which is a fairly large hospital. I’m not sure if it the largest hospital we’ve […]

Diary Entries

Coronavirus is Here

Fuck! Coronavirus is Here   Fuck! It’s here. The Coronavirus is here and guess where it is? Fucking Seattle It was only a matter of time before it got here but, God Damn it! I was so excited about going to Seattle and experiencing the Pacific coast with Michael.   What Will Happen Now? This […]

Diary Entries

Spreading Fear

  “We have it totally under control” -Donald Trump Coronavirus is spreading fear all over China and you say, “We have it totally under control”. Yeah, okay whatever. This is bullshit! A virus doesn’t care about borders.   I Can’t Breathe I’m feeling trapped… claustrophobic. I am anticipating staying in NOLA (New Orleans) even longer […]

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