Month: February 2020

Diary Entries

Heroes Wanted

    Heroes Apply Here Electric Youth (Official) · College & Electric Youth – A Real Hero [Music From the Motion Picture Drive]   Not all heroes wear capes and fly.  Heroes don’t boast about their bright red cape and blue underoos and they definitely don’t have comic books written about them. Most of the […]

Diary Entries

Mardi Gras, Tacos and Curses

Oh MY! Damion Neville · Mardi Gras In New Orleans     Mardi Gras Laissez Bons Temps Rouler! It is Mardi Gras, Tacos and Curses in New Orleans this year (Well, for me anyway). What an exciting time to be working here in NOLA, right? Well, not really.  The locals think this season is cursed […]

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