Month: March 2020

Diary Entries


Hope…Less     During morning huddle we were not briefed on anything regarding Coronavirus… except that the neuro ICU on the 7th floor was under construction.  These rooms were being modified to become negative pressure rooms. Now, any nurse knows what this means. RESPIRATORY ILLNESSES COMING OUR WAY!! Shit. Hope The hurried construction on the […]

Diary Entries

Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor…I mean, we knew this was coming. Right? On this day I was assigned 5 patients on the 7th floor. Michael has a beard and couldn’t wear proper PPE (personal protective equipment) to care for Coronavirus patients so, we adjusted the assignment to accommodate him. He will shave tonight or lose his […]

Diary Entries

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Dropkick Murphys · You’ll Never Walk Alone   Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Wish Us Luck.  Today, we were walking up to the employee entrance of the hospital and there were tables set up outside and nurses wearing PPE standing next to them. They were obviously going to take our temperatures and, it was strange to […]

Diary Entries

Vantage Point

.Cross Hairs   When someone is backed into a corner a vantage point is a good thing to have.  The 7th floor of MSU is only Covid positive patients now. I had 5  of those patients. It’s too much to handle effectively and give quality care. Nurses are still expected to round on the patients […]

Diary Entries


Small Gains   Victory! When we got to work today we found the circumstances had changed… again. This is no real surprise these days. The hospital administration calls it “fluid” and “changing hourly”. If that’s not the understatement of the year I don’t know what is. We are learning as we go and we have […]

Diary Entries


        Silence. The Sound is Deafening.  Today was totally weird. I have never experienced a day of nursing like this. It was so strange not going into the rooms very often. Talking to every single one of my patients wearing a mask, goggles, gloves and a gown is awkward. It feels so…I […]

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